30mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
30mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]

30mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]

Starting at: $121.00
Part Number:SITS-30-100

This box of 30mm Screw In Tire Studs is meant for use on Tractors and Loaders. Please read the warning below before applying these studs to your tires. CanadianChains.ca is not responsible for damage that might occur due to improper installation or use.

  • SITS come in various lengths that are inserted into the raised tread of a tire, leaving the head of the stud slightly protruding, thus providing traction with the driving surface.
  • Best for applications where a little extra traction is required (NOT for aggressive, off-road applications.)
  • Ideal for forklifts, loaders and other vehicles that may be going back and forth from icy to normal conditions. (SITS are NOT for highway use.)
  • Install and remove easily with a drill or driver and a special attachment tool that is included with each box of studs.
  • Designed to be installed and removed as conditions require. The studs can be reused year after year.
  • The studs leaves a minimal mark in the rubber.

Please refer to the fitting guide below to determine if this tire stud is appropriate for your tire tread depth:

30mm SITS Fitting Guide

********** IMPORTANT **********

Before undergoing full installation, ALWAYS TEST FIT ONE STUD by completely driving it into the raised tire tread and then removing it. Next, spray stud hole with soapy water to check for air leak. If leaking, use a smaller stud. If many oversize studs are installed without following this procedure, it may damage the tire beyond repair.