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Canadian Spec V-Bar - Light Truck
Canadian Spec V-Bar - Light Truck
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Canadian Spec V-Bar is an aggressive ladder-style chain for pickups and SUVs. Each link on the cross chain that comes in contact with the road has several 'V' shaped links welded in place, working like an ice pick to give great traction, even on ice. The Canadian Spec means the thickness of the chain is thicker than usual, so not for lowered trucks! Please make sure you have at least 3-fingers between the tire and any other vehicle surface (Fenders etc). This is the most aggressive and highest quality chain we sell.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Bungees are not required however they are recommended 
  • Qty discounts are available - please email for details
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Model#: V295QC, V296QC, V298QC, V315QC, V320QC, V322QC, V332QC, V342QC, V343QC, V344QC, V355QC,
Model#: V356QC, V372QC, V377QC, V415QC, V420QC, V422QC, V432QC, V442QC, V443QC, V444QC
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Good quality product
  The chains are heavy duty and good quality. I have not tried them on yet but watched the video and they look like easy to put on your tires.
  Reviewed by:  Johan from Cambridge, Ontario. on 4/10/2018
  I just finished practising putting them on in my driveway. They needed a little wrangling to get them to fit and I used my grinder to cut off the excess links. They definitely have bite and I look forward to taking them for a spin. Happy with customer support. Had some issues and the were quick to reply and offer a solution.
  Reviewed by:  franco from grande prairie. on 12/12/2017
tire chains
  I recently bought these chains for a trip through BC this winter. I haven't had a chance to use them but I fitted them to my tires. I'm in the Oilpatch and we use chains year round in both the mud and the snow. These chains look of good quaility and of a similar style to what I use at work. Make sure you test fit them before needing them. it is normal for new chains to require some fitting and possible link adjustment or removal.
  Reviewed by:  Darryl Vigh from Sylvan laker AB. on 12/12/2017
Heavy Metal
  I think I'm the only guy in Thornhill with tire chains. I practiced putting them on in my driveway, and got some strange looks from the neighbours. Little do they know I'm heading out west in January, and carrying these chains for insurance. The seem good. I hope I won't need them though!
  Reviewed by:  Howie Frank from Thornhill. on 12/6/2017
These are the chains to buy
  These chains are no joke! Heavy duty and very well made. So much better than the low quality department store alternatives. I ordered them around 2pm, and they were delivered the next day at 10:30am! Shipping was free also, which is a huge plus for such a heavy item. Only slight drawback is I have about 7 extra links on each side after install. I contacted them was recommended to zap strap the loose ends. Each set of chains fits multiple tire sizes, which is the reason for the extra links. was quick to respond to my question, I'm very happy with the service.
  Reviewed by:  Trevor from Chilliwack, BC. on 10/31/2017
Quality Chains
  It will be a few months before I can try the chains in snow but I installed them on my vehicle to make sure they fit. The fit is perfect and the chains appear to be of high quality.
  Reviewed by:  Blake from Sechelt, BC. on 9/25/2017
Quality chains, fast, excellent customer service
  I bought these chains for 265/70R17 BFG TA KO2 tires on an '06 Tundra 4x4. I had to cut a few links off each side to prevent the extra chains from slapping around, they fit great, snug, the tensioners are easy to use and snug everything up very well. You can tell these are high quality chains. Customer service was also excellent; I needed the chains within a day to Victoria, BC, placed the order Wednesday afternoon and they arrived by Friday afternoon with the help of Laura in CS phoning me to confirm details and make sure I got them in time. Would recommend Canadianchains to anyone else (already have since purchasing). Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from Victoria, BC. on 2/15/2017
well constructed
  i purchased these tire chains for my truck in order to get access to my cottage on Saint Joseph Island with a mile of none maintained road the snow can be my biggest obstacle,not anymore thanks, this chains are the greatest,seriously thinking of getting a other set for tractor to collect maple syrup.
  Reviewed by:  larry b from st.joseph island. on 2/10/2017
V-Bar-Light Truck review
  I have a 1998 GMC half ton. It is so light it would get stuck in a kids sand box. I am very happy with the V-Bar chains. Now I can push snow with my bumper. I will be buying more chains for my 4x4 jeep when I get it running. Thank you Canadian Chains.
  Reviewed by:  Laryl Foster from Lebret, SK. on 1/30/2017
Worth every penny!
  Great product. easy to use. fits well. Fast shipping. Will always recommend!
  Reviewed by:  Mitch Olsen from Armstrong, B.C.. on 1/19/2017
Life Savers
  These chains have worked awesome so far. Tried them out as soon as I picked them up on a hay run for the horses. Had to climb and very long and steep hill full of switch backs with a heavy load. They got me out and my truck didn't even feel like it was working hard and it does even on summer roads going up that hill. Love these chains and regret not having them sooner.
  Reviewed by:  Kimberley from British Columbia. on 1/7/2017
Quality product.
  After sizing my chains to fit my application, I am pleased with the quality of these chains. Several cam locks to take up slack and simple to install using the supplied tensioning tool. They are now in the back of my truck in case I ever need them. Like the Boy Scout motto:'Be Prepared'!
  Reviewed by:  Richard from Ontario. on 12/30/2016
Awesome Tire Chains!
  I ordered these tire chains on line. Shipping was super quick. These tire chains are top quality and they very easy to install and adjust. I ordered these for my 06 Dodge Cummins and I am sure my old Dodge could climb a brick wall with these chains on!! If you live in snow country do yourselves a big solid and get these chains.
  Reviewed by:  Steve B from Barrhead Ab.. on 12/24/2016
Insurance policy
  These chains are my insurance policy and ever since I started using V-Bar Chains I have never gotten stuck in snow, mud or ice. But lest start at the beginning. This is my third set of V-Bar Chains (new truck differed tiers hence new V-Bar Chains). This is the first time I purchased the V-Bar Chains from "Canadian Chains". The service from “Canadian Chains” is first class, quick response on my e-mail request and a very fast delivery of the V-Bar Chains and included were a couple free gifts. Thanks. I inspected my new V-Bar Chains from Canadian Chains and fitted them on my truck, the V-Bar chains are fitting well and appear of superior quality over the previous two sets I owned. At this point I have not used the new V-Bar Chains on or off the road and hopefully I never will, but I know from past experiences that if I ever will need chains that I have purchased the best chains money can buy!
  Reviewed by:  Werner from Coquitlam B.C.. on 11/22/2016
Great Chains
  Bought these for my 1984 F150 plow truck. This truck plows my 4 km driveway and these chains allow me to plow up several hills. The free upgrade to the alloy U grooves was excellent. I didn't think there was anything better than the V-bar but these are.
  Reviewed by:  Dave Cornwall from Waltham, Quebec. on 3/20/2016
  Purchased these chains for my 2013 Dodge Ram to use when plowing snow. I was surprised how easy they are to install. They have made a huge difference. Much easier on the truck with the tires dgging in.
  Reviewed by:  Paul from Sydney, Nova Scotia. on 2/5/2016
Best Chains you will ever buy!
  As a commercial truck driver I was quite surprised when I received these chains I had ordered for my everyday ride pick-up. These are NOT your big box store quality tire chains. These are commercial grade heavy duty aggressive tire chains - the same quality we use on the big rigs. Highly recommended. This will be the only set of chains you will ever need for your pick up. Thank you Canadian Chains. VERY impressed with your product!
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Comox, BC. on 1/12/2016
Canadian Spec V Bar Light Truck
  I am a logger and required something to get me into the logging site after a weekend of deep snow fall and ice to access the skidder to plow. These chains take about 30 minutes to put on properly but once on stay amazingly tight and preform like nothing I have ever used in the past. Very heavy duty commercial grade chain. I went on the web site to get directions how to put them on since no directions came with the chains, Following the directions is an absolute must to get them tight so as to not damage brake lines etc. Well worth the money, very fast shipping by the company as well would highly recommend to anyone
  Reviewed by:  Coleman Boomhour from Cloyne, Ontario. on 1/12/2016
V-Bar light truck chains
  Fast delivery Very good quality Easy to install and tighten Happy with purchase will recommend to others
  Reviewed by:  Bill M from Brule Ab. on 12/13/2015
Canadian Spec V-Bar Chains
  These chains weigh 40lbs and are clearly a commercial grade product. I sized them up on the truck today (LT265 70R18) and cut 3 links from the inside and 4 from the outside leaving one spare link on each side to help hook them up in winter weather. The mud flaps will be coming off before venturing into the back country as the clearance is just 3 fingers and these v-link chains are aggressive. Well worth the extra money.
  Reviewed by:  Mark B from Vancouver. on 11/28/2015