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Diamond Back - Passenger
Diamond Back - Passenger
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The Diamond Back is a premium European design tire chain. Square link construction with a diamond pattern for excellent traction, smooth ride and long wear.  

  • These chains are sold in pairs
  • SAE Class 'S' Clearance
  • Please select your tire size for proper fit and pricing information.
Model#: 1505Q, 1510Q, 1515Q, 1520Q, 1525Q, 1530Q, 1535Q, 1540Q, 1545Q, 1547Q, 1550Q, 1553Q, 1555Q
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Diamond Back Chains
  I have yet to use my chains in an actual winter conditions but live at the base of the Coquihalla Hwy. so will have my chance. I did check the fit and are great to put on and fit perfectly. I ordered my chains in the afternoon online and they were delivered the next morning.
  Reviewed by:  Roger Jones from Hope BC. on 11/20/2017
Diamond Back Passenger Tire Chains
  Similar Story to few reviews already posted. Bought a cottage Central Ontario. Road in is hilly and winding as is the driveway. On a pre-purchase cottage inspection, front wheel drive vehicle with winter tires, vehicle tires lost grip and with brakes on and tires locked, began to slide backwards (on a steep but plowed driveway)...luckily only a couple of feet. Had to take a better run up and out. Decided chains will be required for winter visits. Fairly simple to install...tried in garage a couple of times. Once you get the hang of it they are quick and easy to install. Fit was perfect. Quick lesson for removal. Its easiest to remove them with the chains in the same orientation as installed.... with the blue-red hookup at the top of the tire. When taking the chains off, check the location of the hookup and roll the vehicle slightly to make sure the hookup is at the top of the tire. Makes for easier removal....
  Reviewed by:  Ken K from Ontario. on 1/29/2017
almost too small
  Great service arriving 2 days after ordering. Would have been 5 stars but my 235/65-17 tires almost too large . Had to add enclosed extra link and unable to instal exactly as shown since not enough chain.
  Reviewed by:  fedsmachine from vancouver. on 1/19/2016
Diamond Backs
  In preparation of travelling to Alberta i purchased your Diamond Back Chains. They were promptly shipped as they were received two days later as stated.Trial fit proved the fit was Excellent.I have not had to put the chains on as yet.Although there has been no need for thier use it is a comfort to know that i have a high quality set of chains if the need arises. They are super simple to install and remove and secure with ease.Im very happy with the purchase and customer service was very pleasant
  Reviewed by:  Kevin M from Sunshine Coast. on 1/15/2016
Diamond Back passenger car tire chains.
  Bought the Diamond back chains from to fit my 2000 VW Jetta. Shipping was free and the chains arrived very quickly. The chains appear to be well made. Have only had the occasion to use them once so far, but they went on easily and performed well with great traction and no rubbing. I would definitely recommend both the Diamond Back chains and to anyone in Canada looking to buy tire chains.
  Reviewed by:  Sarah Brocke from Telegraph Creek B.C.. on 12/5/2015
Beyond the call of duty....
  We had some difficulty as the chains they sent did not fit. Without going into a lot of detail, Cheryl, customer service, was extremely helpful, as the chains had to be returned. I was given an account number which the local LOOMIS people accepted without any problems. All I had to do was get them to the warehouse here in Courtenay. Within a 'couple of days, another set arrived and they DID fit. For what it's worth, the chains were for a 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-spec 5.0.. the tire specs are: 235/45 R19. If I had anything "bad" to say, it would be the fact that the chains were wrong in the first place, that probably due to the fact that THEY get their chains from Oregon, so they, presumably, rely on the US store to get it right. All the Ladner site does is send them on without checking that they are the correct size. This is in NO WAY a deal breaker! The way I was treated was first class, and I consider this "event" a "one off" and would recommend this site to anyone without reservation!
  Reviewed by:  Stan from Vancouver Island. on 3/16/2015
Diamond back tire chains
  Easy to install. Great shipping, arrived in two days from ordering. Not enough snow this year so far to try out but look like they should work well.
  Reviewed by:  Jim from Interior BC. on 1/30/2015
Simply Amazing!
  Dodge Dakota Quad Cab-2WD P235/75/15 Last Christmas, the entire family (family of 4, 3 and 5 year old) had a terrifying experience on a private Muskoka cottage road. The truck lost complete traction going up a hill where we became a 4000lb toboggan headed for a raven backwards, no matter what we did to control the truck. We all screamed as we all thought we were all going to die. Someone did die in the same location the summer before. Quite honestly, we dreaded the trip all year and thought it was silly to invest in a brand new 4wd. This past march break we went to the same area and ended up in the same road conditions on the private road. However, we had these chains this time, and wow..what a relief! We had 100% traction with no issues, as the 4wd's (with snow tires) at other cottages could not make it up the road of hard packed ice. The best part, they are so easy to take on and off, only taking 5-7 mins total, tops. The family actually does time trials for fun when I need to put them on. sent the chains quickly, and our only complaint was the quality of the storage bag they came with. But the high quality of the chains themselves offset any dissatisfaction. We now recommend to all of our friends that access a cottage in the winter on these privately maintained cottage access roads, even if they have a 4wd.
  Reviewed by:  Brent from Ontario. on 3/14/2014
Diamond Back passeger tire chains
  Just a word on my satisfaction on the recent purchase of the diamond back tire chains for my passenger vehicle. The chains have been installed on my 96 Jeep grand Cherokee which has a snow plow installed on it and used to plow access to our cottage a distance of 6km back road. The chains have surpassed my expectation on how easy they are to install and the added traction they give me in order to clean the 6km distance required in order to get to our cottage. Great product *****
  Reviewed by:  Bernard Potvin from Ottawa Ontario. on 1/21/2014
Great Traction
  The traction is amazing, I cannot believe the slushy deep snow I got through, when I would have been buried otherwise. Very simple to put on, but still an ordeal when you invariably needed them, when nasty weather conditions are in full force. However, I could not live where I do without them, having them in the vehicle gives confidence...
  Reviewed by:  Ken Oakes from Hunter's Mountain, Nova Scotia. on 12/22/2013
Good Chains
  The tire chains help me get through unpaved areas that are loaded with snow. Some links have broken but that's probably because of the two times I got stuck in a rut and then tried to put the tire chains on. It's a lot harder to put them on once you get stuck and the wheels are spinning but if you're patient enough you can get those chains on and get unstuck without having to call a tow truck. Well worth the money. They saved me from wasting my three free tows that are part of my auto membership. Not to mention with a record snow fall I've seen so many cars in the ditch that I bet every tow truck in the country would have been too busy to haul me out anyway!
  Reviewed by:  Gina from Alberta. on 12/15/2013
Chains for a Smart Car & Excellent Service
  I phoned my order in on a Monday morning and before noon on Tuesday they arrived… Less than 24 hours! Wow what great service. I also had several questions that I emailed to Canadian Chains and immediately received replies. I bought the chains for a trip to Whistler… But luckily I didn't have to use them. I did mount the chains on my car before the trip and they appear to be very good quality and are very easy to mount without moving the car or using a jack. Excellent value… Excellent service!
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Victoria. on 12/6/2013
Highly Recommend
  Ordered the Diamond Back Chains for my Chrysler 300C with Passenger Tire Size 225/60-18 on line from Slick to order, quick delivery (2 days), easy install, good fit and great traction. Happy to recommend Canadian Chains in all respects.
  Reviewed by:  Joe R from Calgary. on 2/3/2013
Excellent Service and Product!
  I purchased a set of Diamond Back chains for emergency use to supplement my snow tires on a steep hill near my cottage. Fit and performance is great. Good customer service too in response to a sizing problem on the initial order.
  Reviewed by:  Dave S. from Montreal, QC. on 1/30/2013
Great great great
  I had the occasion to use my chains on my Dodge Caravan today at the cottage. Without the chains I would still be at the cottage. I have a steep hill from the lake to the road and it was snow covered with an icy base. The truck when up like a charm. I am so happy with the chains. I was the first time that I installed them on the tires. It took me a several minutes to figure it out but they did the work. A very good investment for me.
  Reviewed by:  Gilles Charbonneau from Ottawa Ontario. on 1/19/2013
  Perfectly fit, I use it and it's like I hope.
  Reviewed by:  Mario Paquette from Val-d'Or, Québec, Canada. on 1/8/2013
Fast Delivery - Easy Install
  Canadian Chains provided great service and my order was delivered very quickly. I did a test fit and the chains were as easy to install as in the video. The printed instructions are fine but the video really makes it clear just how easy they are to put on. Now I'm ready for snow!
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Lund - BC. on 11/13/2012