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DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
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These chains are identical to the regular 'H' pattern chains but have a 'V' shaped chain welded to the cross chain for extra aggressive grip. The 'H' pattern cross chains are also installed closer together increasing the amount of chain that is in contact with the road surface, providing a smoother ride and increased traction
Designed for larger, deep tread tractor tires.  These 'H' pattern chains won't fall in between the treads like standard 'ladder style' chains providing very powerful forward traction. Please ensure that your tractor has adequate clearance between any fenders and the tire.
Select your tire size for proper fit and pricing.  If you do not see your tire size please email us at
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Spider bungee is optional but is recommended 
  • Qty discounts are available - please email for details
Model#: DUO210V, DUO214V, DUO218V, DUO224V, DUO226V, DUO227V, DUO228V, DUO229V, DUO232V, DUO236V
Model#: DUO239V, DUO240V, DUO241V, DUO242V, DUO246V, DUO247V, DUO248V, DUO250V, DUO252V, DUO254V
Model#: DUO256V, DUO259V, DUO261V, DUO262V, DUO264V, DUO266V, DUO268V, DUO269V, DUO270V, DUO271V
Model#: DUO272V, DUO273V, DUO274V, DUO276V, DUO277V, DUO278V, DUO280V, DUO281V, DUO282V, DUO283V, DUO285V
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Very good
  I am very satisfy, and the shipping was fast. very good service. Thank you very much.
  Reviewed by:  Réjean Bernier from 103 chemin St-Denis val des bois,quebec. on 2/23/2018
Above expectation.
  Chains fit my wheels perfectly. No gap. Great quality, very aggressive grip, easy installation, quick free shipping. Also very responsive and thoughtful customer service. No complaints.
  Reviewed by:  Rob from BC. on 10/25/2017
great chain - very aggressive
  delivery was good, chains fit perfectly, easy to install. I find the v-bar chains make the ride a little rough but traction is excellent. I would recommend this product for people who need an extreme amount of traction. For myself, I would of been better off using the chains without the v-bar welded to the link. However a great chain, good customer service, fits perfect.
  Reviewed by:  Nathan from Nackawic, NB. on 1/25/2017
Excellent Choice
  I have to say I was quite amazed with the results with these chains. I have an old IH b-414 2 wheel drive utility tractor. 8 inches of snow and 1000lb hay bail on the front of the loader bucket, these chains made the difference in moving or being stuck. Without the chains, I had difficulty even moving without a load, now with these chains I can move my bails even in deeper snow, ice and frozen ground. I had never installed chains on anything up until I got these, they were quite simple and straight forward to install. I also purchased the spider bungees for them, highly recommended as well. Although, I though the initial purchase price was a bit of a surprise,you cannot put a price on piece of mind. Well worth the investment. Certainly I would deal with this again in an instant.
  Reviewed by:  Cliff from Ontario. on 12/28/2016
Very good
  These chains allow me to go just about anywhere to plow snow. They are great traction!!! Yes if they were 2 or 3 links wider they may fit better. Not that they don't fit. They have not come off. I was told that they will out live me lol. Shipped right to my door. Took 10 days to get from Langley to morrissey. Thanks again
  Reviewed by:  Verne podrasky from Morrissey B.C.. on 12/20/2016
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  I received my order early Friday which is very quick since I placed the order late in the day on the previous Friday and therefore not processed until probably the following Monday. Everything looked okay but I would not know the fit of them for a few weeks until I put the chains on my brand new Kubota L2501 tractor. I discovered that I needed wheel spacers because 15-19.5 industrial tires are very large on my Kubota L2501 tractor and there was not enough clearance to mount the chains. I tried to plow my road without the chains but there is a hill on my 1/2 mile road. Even though the Kubota L2501 has 4-wheel drive it was impossible to get up the hill, let alone plow the hill. I had the spacers installed in a few days and then put the chains on which fit perfectly. The snow plowing including the hill was a "piece of cake" compared to the job without the chains. Chains are more rugged constructed than I expected and should last a very long time. The spider bungees are a great option which I am glad I purchased since they removed any of the slack out of the chain installation. I have installed chains on other tractor and know the problems trying to use rubber straps or bungee cords to remove the slack and rattle of the chains. I did fair bit of pricing research and with the free shipping Canadian Chains were definitely the best price. I also appreciated the follow-up inquiry on customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Canadian Chains products, and will never look elsewhere if we ever need chains again.
  Reviewed by:  John McPherson from Lower Buckhorn, Ontario. on 12/18/2016
duogrip tractor v bar chains
  good quality chains work good in the woods on ice or mud good traction and fast shipping
  Reviewed by:  mark mckelvey from east farnham quebec. on 2/14/2016
  The chains are good quality. I would have liked to see them come down over the tire a little farther. They seem to work OK. It was a little timely getting them on . I would recommend then. I did some pricing , with the free shipping they were the best price. I wouldn't say they fit like a glove but I think the fit ok.
  Reviewed by:  HP from ANNAPOLIS VALLEY N.S.. on 2/1/2016
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  Excellent product, no regrets in buying the V-bar model for additional grip. Super fast shipping, had them delivered within a week. I also appreciate the follow-up inquiry on customer satisfaction. We live up a steep hill and even though our tractor is 4x4 and had cheaper chains on the front tires, it kept spinning in the snow. With these chains on the back tires now, we were surprised to find out can even push the snow up the hill without any issues now. We also purchased the spider bungee, they may seem a bit pricey but it makes it easier to install and adjust the chains. I highly recommend both products, and will never look elsewhere if we ever need chains again.
  Reviewed by:  Danielle Levesque from Low, Qc. on 1/19/2016
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  These chains provide excellent traction on both ice and hard packed snow. Easy to install. Only weakness is the clevis connectors. I had to modify mine so they would not come loose. I also recommend spring loaded tensioners to tighten chains rather than bunji rubber type tensioners especially for larger tractors. Free shipping is a good deal.
  Reviewed by:  Johnny O. from Pakenham, ON. on 1/16/2016
Perfect fit , fast shipping, helpful service..
  These chains arrived quickly and fit my tractor well. I used quick links instead of the supplied shackles to provide clearance for my fenders. Although I haven't tried them in snow yet, they seem to be very good quality and look like they will make a huge difference.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Mount Currie BC. on 11/15/2015
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  Chains fit quite nicely. Will have to install spacers on rear tires to ensure adequate space between chain and frame/cab. Chains were more rugged looking than expected and should last a very long time. Great price and shipping included was a big bonus. Issues with shipping but that was local here due to storms the previous week.
  Reviewed by:  Dan from Cape Breton. on 3/31/2015
16.9-38 Duogrip vbar chains
  received them in just over a week. They came in 4 boxes to cut down on shipping but had idiot proof instructions. had them together in 10 min and on the tractor in another 20. once I they were 1 "H" pattern too long but took it off and now I have to extra sections. They are heavy chains and worked great! I saved over $350 shipped from BC taxes in. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  Reviewed by:  Stephen M from South Bar NS. on 3/13/2015
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  Great grip Fast shipping (about 1 week) This is the second set of chains I have purchased from Highly Recommended
  Reviewed by:  GORDON from St.Stephen NB. on 2/19/2015
duo grip tractor Vbar chains
  Chains arrived after 3 days..great..chains went on smoothly , all most, these chains were for front wheels of a 4x4 tractor so when i laid out the chains yes both at same time :]...rear wheels would have rolled over the ends of chains so kind of sort of bunched them against rear of front tires rolled forward about 1/2 the chain got out and then straitened out the rest of chains then rolled forward the rest of the way..worked out just fine,...finale hook up was easy and strait forward no problems,.. chains fit nice and snug sized perfectly..
  Reviewed by:  david pew from Aurora ont Ca. on 1/27/2015
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  I placed my order online. My order arrived quicker than expected and was exactly what I wanted. The chains fit perfectly! Thanks Canadian Chains! I will be recommending you to others for sure!!
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Apohaqui NB. on 1/10/2015
Tractor V-Bar Chains and Spider Bungees
  Chains were at my door in a little over a week during the Christmas break! Installed the next day - perfect fit look like they should last a long time. Also purchased the spider bungees, they really work well a little pricey but if they last well worth the extra cost.
  Reviewed by:  John Flinn from Taymouth, New Brunswick. on 1/3/2015
Aggressive traction!
  Chains arrived within a few days - sort of - I found it ironic that Loomis accepted a contract that included delivering tractor chains, but don't deliver to rural addresses - the chains themselves are great and provide very aggressive traction. The ability to drive on icy fields covered in snow is awesome.
  Reviewed by:  Alan K from Alberta. on 11/30/2014
DuoGrip Tractor V-Bar Chains
  Chains arrived in a timely manner. Good quality, fit. Almost looking forward to snow.
  Reviewed by:  George Wilson from Lunenburg Nova Scotia. on 11/5/2014
Duo-grip chains
  I have' nt tried the chains before I received your e-mail,so yesterday I took the time to at least put one set on.I have to tell you that it fit like a glove.I am sure that I'll have better traction because they are more aggressive than the ones I have put aside.Very we'll made I have to give you 100 percent
  Reviewed by:  Laurent Dupuis from 5030 Dupuis drive,Hanmer ontario. on 9/24/2014