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Gripper V-Bar Diamond Pattern Chains
Gripper V-Bar Diamond Pattern Chains
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The newest addition to our ATV Chain product line have V-bar reinforced cross chains in a Diamond Pattern.  Provides superior continual traction in ice, snow and mud.
These chains are sold in pairs and we recommend using the Spider Bungee to keep the chains tight against the tire.

If you are not able to find your tire size or what part number to use please email us at
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Gripper Chains
  Great delivery time...two days from ordering. Chains were correct size. I have large lug tires so the chain sometimes is buried in the space between the lugs. However thsee diamond pattern chains are the only ones that will provide any grip with the big lugs. I'm not crazy about the inside tightener. It seems to stick out a bit further than I would like so I added a quick link to ensure it would not get caught on something and pop off. Overall. A quality product.
  Reviewed by:  Arthur from Sherwood Park, Alberta. on 1/15/2018
look good
  haven't had a chance to try these chains as has been too cold,but they fit and look like they are of good quality.
  Reviewed by:  barry from noth west bc. on 12/27/2017
Works on John Deere LA145 w/Snow Thrower, what a difference.
  I took a chance on these for my 20x10.00-8 tires, I knew they would be off as ATV tires have more of a bulge. Chains went on OK, but were definitely bigger than my tires, but I was able to secure them though not perfectly, but the spider bungee helped a lot. The chains are tight. I'm replacing regular tire chains, and the difference is amazing. I have 450m of gravel road with a fairly good slopes and the old chains would spin all the time. These chains are great, haven't got stuck once in ice/snow, even reversing uphill. I had to think over the price, but its been well worth it this winter !
  Reviewed by:  Jason H from Mahone Bay, NS. on 2/17/2017
Diamond pattern chains
  I recently purchase 4 chains and the spiders for my Honda Pioneer 500. The chains are excellent and actually quite smooth compared to cross chains I had on an atv several years ago. The front ones are a little close to the brake lines but I can easily modify. This SXS will climb hills and handles great in snow and on ice. Service was excellent from Canadian Chains and they were shipped across Canada in less than a week.
  Reviewed by:  John Delorey from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. on 2/13/2017
ATV Gripper V-Bar
  Awesome chains for plowing snow but the badly translated installation instructions suck. Would have gone much quicker if they just included the Instructions you have to hunt for on the website.
  Reviewed by:  Levine from Queens Bay, B.C.. on 2/8/2017
"Gripper V-Bar Diamond Pattern Chains" Item Id: ATV-3XX
  These chains are for my ATV's rear wheels when doing snow plowing. As the image shows, these v-bar diamond pattern chains are top notch for traction and smooth-riding. Thank you for offering such fine chains, and for your speedy delivery. I found them a bit challenging to attach (lots of chain to lay out, and figure out). The 1-page instructions were in Swedish(?), with less than adequate (incomplete) English translation! However, the hardware is all good -- far superior to my previous simple cross-link chains.
  Reviewed by:  Alex Inselberg from Enderby, BC Canada. on 4/18/2016
Not quite happy
  I found the chains were not the quality that I expected for the price paid ($235). It looks more like a chain you buy at Canadian Tire. They will also have to be modified for my size of tire. 27x11-12NHS.
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Edmundston, New Brunswick . on 3/10/2016
Gripper V-Bar Chains
  These chains came in less than a week. They fit and work great. I plow my drive with a 6x6 but Polaris has this safety feature that the AWD is disengaged in reverse and using the override button is not always convent so was getting stuck backing up on slops. Since installing these chains there is no issues. Work better then tracks when plowing.
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Ontario. on 1/22/2016
atv chains
  Excellent service, chains fit, atv plows snow now!
  Reviewed by:  hal from vernon bc. on 1/13/2016
Diamond ATV chains system
  Great set of ATV chain with aggressive spikes which enable my ATV to plow through heavy snown without getting stuck. I should have bought a set a long time ago.
  Reviewed by:  guy Pesant from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. on 4/1/2015
Indestructible atv chains.
  I purchased the Gripper V-Bar Diamond Pattern Chains. These babies are brutes. I have an ice shelter situated five miles out on a frozen wind swept lake with hard packed snow drifts up to three feet high. I had four legal ice fishing days left and my hut had to come off. A friend managed to convince a farmer to snow blow three miles down the lake to his shack. That left me two to go. With these chains (and the equally excellent spider bungees) snugged up on the rear wheels of my rhino, I managed to plow a road to my ice hut. It took seven grueling hours with the help of my son. We hung it up a lot but when the rear tires touched down the drifts were no match. A couple times we hung it up good. The chains chewed their way into the ice approx. four inches down. Long story not too short we got the job done. "Phew". Would not of had a chance if not for these chains. I wouldn't recommend this next stunt but, once we hit the snow blown section of the ice road....., I put the pedal to the metal and got off of there. I thought for sure by the time we hit the launch something would have been damaged. "Nope"!!!!! Nothin!!! The chains were still on tight and in great shape. The rhino too. P.S. Some of the previous reviews have stated the service from Canadian chains was commendable. Believe it. They shipped these things across county in days. Amazing!
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Ontario Canada. on 3/25/2015
  These chains give my 4 wheeler alot more push power in the snow.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from Little River,NS. on 3/19/2015
  they fit great work great I would buy it again when needed
  Reviewed by:  ernest from smithers. on 3/9/2015
  This chain kit is awesome had them installed my way in a half hour. I highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:  Ed Obermaier from New Brunswick. on 2/28/2015
Griper chains
  These chains are fantastic.I Plow a 400 foot driveway and the lake for ice fishing.Excellent traction excellent quality.The spider bungees keep chain tight.Fast shipping
  Reviewed by:  J.Rothery from Alban,Ontario. on 1/17/2015
Gripper V-Bar Diamond Pattern Chains
  Purchased a set of these chains for the rear tires of my 2015 Polaris Ranger 900 that I plow with. The chains are very high quality and the customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend these chains and to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Dana Noble from Eastern Ontario. on 11/29/2014
Good product
  I use these chains on the rear wheels of an Artic Cat 400 4 x4 quad for plowing snow. Excellent traction - much better and smoother riding than regular chains. Fast sales service was appreciated.
  Reviewed by:  George from Yukon. on 12/6/2013
Great Product and Exceptional Customer Relations
  For inclement weather (heavy snow) and steep hills, this is must have item for your ATV and country living. The quality of the product is great and the order process, customer service and speedy delivery are fantastic. Great company to deal with. Regards
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Bragg Creek Alberta Canada. on 12/6/2013