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Heavy Duty Cable Chain - Forklift
Forklift Cable Chains
Heavy Duty Cable Chain - Forklift
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This cable chain is specifically designed for industrial applications which require a strong low profile chain. The main use of this chain is for forklifts that are using solid fill (no air) tires and require a heavy duty snow chain to provide better traction in ice and snow. Features include:
  • Heavy duty industrial strength cross and side cables
  • Low profile for limited clearance applications
  • Double duty cables allows for a smotther ride for forklift operator and load
  • Unique shortening system allows custom fit for many different tire sizes
Please select your tire size from the list to determine the cost of these chains. If you do not find your tire size please email us for more information
  • Priced in pairs
  • Spider Bungee is optional however is strongly recommended
If you have any questions please email us at

 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
cable chains for forklift work great!
  We have had a chance to use our new chains and we are completely satisfied. Excellent grip on ice and snow, no more spinning out! Just have to go a little slower.
  Reviewed by:  david from southern alberta. on 2/23/2018
spider bungee broke
  our new cable chains for the forklift work great but one spider bungee tore on installation so we used a couple rubber tie down straps to fix the problem.
  Reviewed by:  david from southern alberta. on 2/23/2018
heavy duty cable chain
  This is my second set. The first set was destroyed with in a week. The second set was in pieces the first day. Do not purchase the green rubber bungee.- junk. will break while installing. Second - if you dare buy these ensure you have a welder. weld the cables on as you will lose every single one cross cable. - I do not recommend these.
  Reviewed by:  scf from ontario. on 2/13/2018
HD cable chain- forklift
  Was not sure at fist which ones to go with, decided on these ones since maybe we could leave them on for inside as well. The very first time we went outside with we unloaded the truck in more than half the time before we put the chains on!!! Don't need to remove them inside, although it is a bit slippery inside we still manage. Very good investment!!
  Reviewed by:  Sylvain from Ottawa Ontario. on 1/19/2017
Not strong enough
  Cables have been on the forklift for just a little over a week. They have fallen apart and are useless at this point. The bungee provided was too small and the rubber snapped when trying to attach to the cable.
  Reviewed by:  Amy from Calgary. on 1/13/2017
HD cable chain- forklift
  excellent product, great delivery, would highly recommend this company and their service.
  Reviewed by:  Sandy from Dorion. on 10/2/2015
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