Installation Instructions

Please click on the links below to see a copy of the installation instructions.  Not all products are shown at this time but will be added soon.  Each set of chains you purchase from will come with their own specific instructions.

For a video of how to install your tire chains please use the following links:
How to Install Tire Chains Video - One video covers all styles

For those customers who have received a larger set of our DUO grip tire chains some assembly may be required.  Here are the instructions on how to assemble your tire chains

We've recently been featured on GP Outdoors Youtube Channel!  Gord installed our Heavy Duty H-Pattern Small Tractor chains on his Kubota B2601

Check out another video from our friends over at Drenaline Adventures in Ontario.   He built his own trailer and winter camps in Ontario!   Great video show casing CanadianChains V-Bar chains on his truck. 
We will be adding new instructions to this page soon.  Please contact us should you have any questions.