Screw In Tire Studs (S.I.T.S.)

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11mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
15mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
18mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
25mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
30mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 100]
35mm Screw In Tire Stud [Box of 250]
Carbide-tipped traction device for icy conditions!
  • SITS come in various lengths that are inserted into the raised tread of a tire, leaving the head of the stud slightly protruding, thus providing traction with the driving surface.
  • Best for applications where a little extra traction is required (NOT for aggressive, off-road applications.)
  • Ideal for foklifts, loaders and other vehicles that may be going back and forth from icy to normal conditions. (SITS are NOT for highway use.)
  • Install and remove easily with a drill or driver and a special attachment tool that is included with each box of studs.
  • Designed to be installed and removed as conditions require. The studs can be reused year after year.
  • The studs leaves a minimal mark in the rubber.

All Screw In Tire Studs are sold in box quantities of 100 studs. Each box also includes the appropriate installation tool for the stud size. Installation tools are also available for separate purchase.