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Square Link Chain - Light Truck
Square Link Chain
Square Link Chain - Light Truck
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Square link, ladder style chains. Square links are used to create better traction and are made from very strong hardened Alloy chain for long life. These chains provide excellent life and superior grip in icy or snowy conditions.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Bungee is optional but is recommended
  • Qty discounts are available - please email for details
Please select your tire size for proper fit and pricing information. If you do not see your tire size please email us at
Model#: 2114SLC, 2116SLC, 2119SLC, 2121SLC, 2127SLC, 2128SLC, 2129SLC, 2137SLC, 2138SLC, 2139SLC,
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Great sale service and product performance
  Needed these chains urgently for my truck to move a cargo trailer buried in the snow by the winter from Hell in Calgary. Laura from sales put my order through right away and the chains arrived by Loomis in two days. Took 20 minutes to put on and then my truck, on a solid ice driveway with melting snow, pulled the trailer out in 2 minutes. Great sales support and a great product.
  Reviewed by:  Doug from Calgary. on 4/2/2018
Excellent service
  These chains are great quality and fit perfect, you do have to trim off the extra links but that's normal, and the spiders are a great addition, arrived extremely fast too!
  Reviewed by:  andy from abbotsford. on 12/20/2017
Good Product!
  To say these chains arrive quickly is an understatement. My two sets shipped same day I ordered and arrived 2 days later. After chaining up 4 of 6 tires on the dually I feel invincible crawling around the oilfield roads with 15000 lbs of bobcat and trailer behind me. Spider bungees are slick and easy to use, even pulled over the wheel cover on the front rims. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy a set of tire chains....
  Reviewed by:  Patrick from Fort Saskatchewan. on 11/15/2017
Be Prepared
  F-250 truck chains arrived with in several days, very impressed with delivery. Fitted them to my truck tires and trimmed a couple of links off to prevent any chance off loose chain hitting a brake line. Easy to do with a cut off grinder and or hacksaw. Spider Bungee cords is a bonus, looks really neat. Back icy/ snowy roads here I come. The price off chains are well worth it, being able to get to work in bad road conditions gives me the independence to take that extra icy road mile. If a tow truck has to be called how much would this cost me. Glad to give my review for Canadian Chains product and service
  Reviewed by:  David Hayne from Country Harbour, Nova Scotia. on 1/25/2017
Tire Chains
  Seem to be of very good quality. Would have preferred chains with the little spikes sticking out. A little on the pricey side.
  Reviewed by:  Lou from Stoney Creek. on 12/11/2016
Great Value
  Chains exactly as described and arrived quickly. This is my second order with Canadian Chains and I recommend this company - great to deal with.
  Reviewed by:  Alan Kidd from Cochrane, Alberta. on 1/15/2016
Full size van grip
  I have a 1 ton 2WD van. As anyone knows who drives these beasts, their rear wheel traction in even a modest amount of snow is terrible. I take the van hunting, and every time I park along the side of the road on the slope of the ditch, I've got little hope of getting out if there's any snow. The back end will just fishtail down into the ditch. So I bought these chains for the back wheels. After a 4 inch snowfall, followed by road clearing, the slopes of the ditches had about 6 inches of dense snow and ice. I'm glad to say I was able to get out, though I had to scoop some of the snow away. Installation was quick and easy. In about 10 minutes I can put the chains around the 2 wheels and secure them, drive a half rotation forward, adjust them, and snug them up with the spider tensioners. My chains have a few extra links at the ends that I will have to trim with a bolt cutter. This should allow for some variation in tire size.
  Reviewed by:  Dan from Edmonton. on 11/29/2015
Tire chains
  After using chains and re-educating myself, purchased this set, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.. Put them to the test on the lake, ice fishing and this square link set performs very well.When installed properly, they stay on and give you that comfortable grip that will take you there and bring you back feeling so you can enjoy your trip with no worries. I truly trust the quality of Canadian Chains. Go thru the site well to see what you need before you buy, Its the place to do that..
  Reviewed by:  Raymond Demore from Northern Ontario. on 3/7/2015
Very Fast Delivery
  Received the chains and spider bungee 3 days after my order was placed online. Chains are of great quality. Buy Canadian !!
  Reviewed by:  Dean from Surrey, BC. on 11/26/2014
Solid chains
  I recently purchased a set of the chains size 255/ 75-17 for my jeep wrangler. I have not used them yet so cannot comment on their performance. However i can say they appear solid and well built. One of my chains was missing the inner hook attachment but a quick email to canadianchains with an attached photo showing the issue resulted in an equally quick response at sending me another hook. Since these chains can fit several size tires (marked on the provided bag) you will want to cut off the extra links once you test fit them to your tires. You can cut them off with a bolt cutter or angle grinder. You don't want the extra links slapping at your brake lines or stearing components. Customer service was very helpful with questions. Fours stars because i have not used them yet., Five for quality. You' may want a tougher bag to store them in as they are heavy.
  Reviewed by:  Stewart from Vancouver. on 10/24/2014
Awesome Traction
  Chains are easy to put on and my two wheel drive truck now has the traction I need to go places in the winter if needed. I was going to get a 4x4 but now I can stick with my pickup. These chains saved me a lot of money.
  Reviewed by:  Eric Lobban from Grande Prairie Alberta. on 1/15/2014
One Happy Customer!
  After a few years of having my Plow Truck get stuck when plowing snow that is over ice, I just had to get chains. Getting the Plow hung up in a snow bank and having the wheels just spin on the ice and leaving you high and dry is no fun. Maybe you can relate to this. The only solution to this problem was to get Chains. I could not find what in needed for my Tire / Wheel size locally. So I searched the websites and found Canadian Chains. Well I can tell you I am one happy customer. Right from the first e-mail I sent inquiring about getting the right size chains, to the reply and advice that the chains I wanted were available and in my size, the "Free Shipping", the e-mail confirmation when my Chains were shipped and to the fast delivery from BC to NS, my experience with this company was excellent. The Chains arrived all in order. I recommend getting the Spider Bungees to remove the bit of slack after you put them on. The website Process in ordering from Canadian Chains was easy, quick and the delivery fast. I would mention too that the on line Video Installation instructions were invaluable. If you are looking at buying chains for the first time. Watch the Installation Videos on this website first and any concerns you might have about putting them on will go away. It's really easy if you have any mechanical ability. The Videos will show you the few things you would have to figure out. So they can save you a lot of time and there is information in the videos that you need to know to do the install correctly. So if you are a first timer, watching the video is a must. In my case I had to trim a length off the Chains. This was not an issue of the order being incorrect, it's an issue that my tire size was odd and the chains I received were a bit longer to insure I had the right ones. I easily cut the lengths to size with my "Bolt Cutters". For anyone who might find themselves in this situation, using Bolt Cutters is a fast, clean and easy way to trim the chains. You can get a small Bolt Cutter at Canadian Tire that will do the job easily if you don't have one. The results: What a difference these Chains have made to my Truck. The benefits as a "Canadian" buying from Canadian Chains are: Free Shipping within Canada, Fast delivery time, no Customs / Duty as would be the case from an American Supplier and the exceptional customer service.
  Reviewed by:  Stephen Bishop from Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia. on 1/21/2013