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Double Duty Regular Link - Small Tractor
Double Duty Regular Link - Small Tractor
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Regular twist link style chains. Excellent life and grip for winter conditions. Made specially for small tractor applications. Double Duty for double the cross-chains that come in contact with the ground.

Sold in pairs
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  Hi,I recently received my chains for my Massey model 1710 tractor and they work well my only problem was, when they were assembled the4 chains hat go across the tire on the inside of the tire had been assembled backwards to all the rest on the black chain that they all connect to so I hade to take them off twist them and put them back on ,so naturally that weakens the steel and after plowing snow for about 1hour 1 crosser broke and I hado replace a link , other than that the seem to work as. Well as expected
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Bancroft Ontario . on 2/20/2017
Tractor Owner
  Ordered chains for my tractor. Very impressed with the prompt delivery. Perfect fit on my tractor. This is the only place to buy chains!
  Reviewed by:  Gord from Blairmore, Alberta. on 2/8/2017
Fast Delivery
  I just received my new set of chains from Canadian Chains. Very impressive delivery time. I ordered the chains for my Kubota B1700 on November 17th and received them on November 23rd, amazing from BC to NS. Even more amazing they came by Canada Post. The chains fit great and look to be very good quality.
  Reviewed by:  Ian MacDonald from Nova Scotia. on 11/24/2016
Low water
  Due to extreme low water in lake this year . I need extra traction on the tractor to pull the pontoon boat out of the lake . I place a hitch in the bucket and drive in frontwards. My front tires are worn down but still usable but going backwards i felt i need some extra grip in the silt and mud because i need to going a lot further in the lake then in the past years . The pontoon boat and tractor just popped out of the lake .. a perfect end to a perfect year of boating ..great fast service
  Reviewed by:  Brian Wright from Lanark Highlands. on 10/12/2016
Front Tire Chains Kubota BX25
  The chains were shipped immediately and arrived in a timely fashion. I installed the chains and noticed considerable slack and a gap in chain coverage of the front wheels. There appeared to be at least 2 cross chains missing. I phoned Canadian Chains and sent iPhone photos to the company to explain the situation. I received the cross chains in a day and solved the issue. These chains are excellent and when used with the spider units remain tight and effective. This company is great to deal with.
  Reviewed by:  Bob Bridges from Prince George. on 1/28/2016
Riding Lawn Mower
  I was able to turn my Lawn Mower into a snow plow!
  Reviewed by:  J Murray from Bruce Peninsula Ontario. on 1/12/2016
For JD2210 Tractor with snowblower
  I installed a set of these on the rear tires of my tractor. Traction is excellent with them and quality seems pretty good. I had one broken link first trip out (bad weld? I did something screwey? who knows) but I just put in a new link and no problem. Quality overall seems pretty good and the fit on my tires was very good (turf tires on a JD2210 - 26x12x12)
  Reviewed by:  Scott from Annapolis Valley, NS. on 3/23/2015
front wheel chains
  Purchased these for a Kubota BX2370 since we have some substantial hills and the rear tire chains were not enough when pushing a lot of snow. They have made a noticeable difference.
  Reviewed by:  Chris Barber from Bob's Lake ON. on 3/2/2015
tire chains
  I got a set, front and rear, for my KUBOTA BX25D loader. Instructions for proper fastening and adjusting would have saved time. The spider bungees are great, but the ones for the front should have been sent for the smaller tires. They work great at providing traction for snow removal on our inclined driveways.
  Reviewed by:  George Lalonde from Whitefish ON. on 2/4/2015
4.00/4.80 x 8 snowblower chains
  Excellentchains, put them on, cut the extra links, 30 minutes later I was finally able to cut thru a snow/ice pile beside the house following a snow/sleet/freezing rain storm followed by a deep freeze. the blower never slipped and powered thru the pile. Great chains!
  Reviewed by:  Michel levesque from Dorval, QC. on 1/11/2015
case 446 tire chains
  Good chains, twice as thick as the original. They clear okay, but the latch has to go on the outside of the tire. The length was one cross link too long. Had to remove the cross link and shorten the chains a bit. The chain thickness is as big as I would want to go for the case 446 tractor to allow enough clearance in the wheel well.
  Reviewed by:  Martin from Avonmore Ontario. on 10/30/2014
1762-2 Tire Chains
  Chains were purchase to put on a Holder tractor C9700H (side walk snow blower and sander)I put chain front and rear... I had to remove few links and should of got the spider bungees... but all in all these chains are well made and work very well
  Reviewed by:  JL Masse from Petawawa On. on 12/14/2013
Kubota Snowblower rear tire chains
  These chains did not fit until I removed two links from the cross chains and added two more cross chains as well. It now fits real well and the extra cross chains were supplied quickly and courteously. The spider bungee keeps the slack on the outside of the tire where it can be adjusted easily. Advise to fit the chains properly.
  Reviewed by:  Jack Valleau from Melfort, Saskatchewan. on 4/1/2013