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DuoGrip Chains for Tractors.  These chains have a special pattern to stop them from falling between the large lugs on tractor tires.  There are 2 products available in this design, Regular and V-Bar.
Regular DuoGrip has an 'H' pattern cross chain which prevents the chain from sliding into the lugs of the tire. This chain is good for regular use and will provide good traction in most situations.
V-Bar DuoGrip has the same 'H' pattern cross chain however they are installed closer together increasing the amount of chain that is in contact with the road.  This provides a smoother ride and increased traction in snowy or icy conditions.  The cross chain also includes a metal 'v' which is welded in place along the cross chain making it a superior choice for traction on ice.  

Just click on one of the photos below and choose your tire size from the drop down box.

**Please note, if your selection exceeds the maximum weight set by our freight company, other shipping arrangements must be made.  Some LTL shipments cannot be delivered to residential addresses - a business address must be used.  We will contact you if this applies to your selection.

If you do not see your tire size listed, or if you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]
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